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Today I Want to GIFT You
Over $4,325 of Enriching, Educational, Encouraging Content for Patriots...

Today I Want to GIFT You Over $4,325 of Enriching, Educational, Encouraging Content for Patriots... FOR FREE!
Today when you say "maybe" to starting a 14 day FREE trial to my Insiders Club, you'll also receive what I call my "blueprints" -my personal list of news resources and alternatives to woke businesses for FREE!

I can't tell you enough how many people have downloaded these resources and begun to live a life full of faith family and freedom- without any resistance from woke tyrants! These resources might be the best directives in the world for helping you lead a life of faith family and freedom!

You are getting access to my Insiders Club-- the only group in the world that is based on proven scholarship, the parallel economy, and encouragement. No more bait and switch tactics or fluff content that even Republican news sites have surrendered to today. 

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I spend HOURS every day, pouring over history, research, and eye witness resources to show you the TRUTH about what's happening in the world right now, showing you things aren't as they seem... and the New Conservative Age STILL is rising. 

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Every week, Dr. Steve goes live to thousands of patriots worldwide to share bonus content he can’t discuss on YouTube (Thanks Big Tech!)! 

He answers the pressing questions of his inner circle and helps them think through the biggest headlines to learn to think clearly so they can feel better. 

Members of the Insiders Club receive exclusive access to his Insiders Platform, where he uploads bonus content not published anywhere else, sharing his Behind the Scenes takes on why he picked certain topics, the trends he is seeing, and the resources he is using to come to his perspective about a Rising Conservative Age. 

This platform also includes connection opportunities for Patriots all over the world to connect and work together to build the Parallel Polis

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Canceling Cancel Culture Training

  • How did cancel culture begin? And how do we get rid of it? In this hour long training, Dr. Steve dives into the proven way that Cancel Culture itself can be... Canceled


Dr. Steve’s Predictions for 2023

  • What did the Midterm Elections of 2022 spell for 2023? Dr. Steve shares his personal predictions in the aftermath of November 8th 2022 and the scholarship he relies on to make these predictions


Millions of Patriots tune into Dr. Steve Turley every day for an optimistic and thoughtful perspective on the culture war. 

Now he shares his personal resources and templates with YOU totally FREE to help you think clearly, feel better, and gain freedom from woke culture in these crazy and turbulent times. 

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Patriot Eco-System Blueprint

  • Access Dr. Steve's list of Conservative Alternatives to woke businesses in Finance, Business, Big Tech, Online, Media and Entertainment, and Healthcare


The Patriots Path to Freedom

  • Dr. Steve shares the blueprint outline for how to define YOUR role in the culture war! Not sure how you can fight back? Here are the steps to take based on YOUR skills!


Physical Copy of Dr. Steves 2023 Newsletter

  • Receive the FIRST physical copy of Dr. Steve's Newsletter, a detailed Journal of his optimistic and upbeat analysis of current events in light of conservative trends. Delivered directly to your mailbox in the New Year! 


    I know how these resources have changed lives, brought families back together, and brought people back to their faith.

    That's why I'm giving you everything I can to prepare you to fight... and I'm sharing it with you COMPLETELY FREE!

    I'm sharing with you when you Sign Up Today:

     The Return of Christendom: Demography, Politics, and the Coming Christian Majority

    Everywhere we look, it appears that the secular left celebrates another victory lap. From politics to the media, from education to the arts, liberals seem to be completely in control. It's no wonder, then, that so many prominent conservative traditionalists are hopelessly pessimistic about the future of Western Civilization.

    But what if this is just one side of the equation? What if it turns out that brewing beneath the surface, a renewed Christian age is rising?

    In this thought-provoking book, Dr. Steve Turley argues that there is in fact two revolutions concurrently taking place: a demographic revolution and a political revolution, both of which suggest a significant conservative Christian resurgence.

    The New Nationalism: 
    How the Populist Right is Defeating Globalism and Awakening a New Political Order

    All over the world, a new political order is rising. From Brexit to the election of Donald Trump, from Central Europe to Italy, from India to Turkey, the world is moving to the nationalist populist right like never before.

    But why?

    In this thought-provoking book, you will discover the powerful trends behind this mass move to the populist right, and how these dynamics are completely overturning the globalist political and economic order.

    Normally: $100 Value

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    Don't wait until the next stolen election, economic downturn, or Big Tech Silencing to gain the tools you need to discern the TRUTH

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    Don't miss this special time with the Patriot Professor and patriots all over the world as he shares the true meaning of the Christmas season, and how we will all be saying "Merry Christmas" once again!

    Featuring his traditional annual reading of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" and special Q and A with a little scotch too.

    Only Available for Insiders Club Members! Recording available. 

    When You Say "Maybe" Today, 
    I'll Send You ALL of This...

    When You Say "Maybe" Today, I'll Send You ALL of This...

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     I enjoy hearing a more in-depth and positive analysis of current events as opposed to hearing short soundbites on the news. 
     The ability to talk things out with Dr Steve, he provides insight that you don’t see very many places 
    Love the discussions and education that keep my brain cooking. Thanks so much guys!!! 
     I love the chance to pose questions about current events, especially if he hasn't covered them lately. 
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